YOUR Skerne and Wansford parish councillors are: Caroline Harrison, 2 River View, Driffield Road, Wansford; Catherine Bristow, (chairman) Leylandii, Skerne; Neil Robson, The Bungalow, Driffield Road, Wansford;  Dr John Batham, 1 The Old Chapel, Chapel Lane, Wansford;  Coun Ann Kitching, Dahlia Cottage, Back Lane, Skerne, Coun Mark Padgett, Skerne Nurseries, West End, Skerne; Lee Cawthorne, River View, Wansford; Charlie Dewhirst, Old  Vicarage, Wansford, Leonie Jordan, Dukes Drift, 8 Nafferton Road, Wansford.

Representatives: Nafferton Feoffees Trust: Caroline Harrison. Driffield Navigation Trust: Terry Jarvis, of Wansford. Wansford Village Hall committee: currently vacant.

 Your East Riding of Yorkshire Council ward councillors are Jonathan Owen, Richmond House, Southside, Kilham, Driffield; Jane Evison, Rosemary Cottage, Church Lane, Atwick, Driffield; Charlie Dewhirst, The Old Vicarage, Wansford.

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